This homepage is in no way associated with the LEGO Company, or any of its products. LEGO Company is a registrated trademark. I am not an employee by LEGO, or having any coorporation with LEGO. All of the models presented on this site, are fully designet and constructed by me, without any contact to LEGO. None of the models are available at the LEGO Company, and all the parts presented on the site belongs to me.

Futher the homepage is in no way associated with any of the producers or haulage contractors I have mentioned in regards to the models. All of the models are built on my initiative, and none of the models are for sale either from me or any of the mentioned companies.

The purpose of this site is to show my hobby to other which are interested in LEGO, and eventually give some of my idees to them, the site has no commercial purpose.

Reproduction of this site or part of it, either electronic, optical or mechanical is not allowed without prior written permission from me, Anders Gaasedal