LEGO exhibitions

On this site you can find descriptions of the exhibitions I have visitied and showed my models.

Rotary Convention 2006.

Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Friday the 9th of June to Wednesday the 14th of June.

Skifter Lastbil A/S, 2006.

Lillelundgade 22, 7400 Herning, Denmark
Saturday the 18th of March from 9 o'clock to Sunday the 19th of March at 16 o'clock.

Skaerbaek, 2005.

Storegade 46-48, 6780 Skaerbaek, Denmark
Friday, the 7th of October from 13 o'clock to Sunday the 9th of October at 15 o'clock.

Frode Laursen, Reception, 2005.

Industriparken 30, Jyderup, Denmark
Saturday the 28th of May from 9 o'clock to Sunday the 29th of May at 15 o'clock.

Klodsfest 2005.

Bredagerskolen in Jelling, Danmark
Saturday the 12th of March from 11 o'clock to Sunday the 13th of March at 18 o'clock.