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NEWS: New model, The 'Rubber Duck' black Mack Truck from the movie 'Convoy', read description here.

Welcome on my homepage. On this site I have tried to descripe one of my great hobbies in many years. I hope you will find many interesting things on my homepage, please use some time to surf around, I have used at lot of time to create the homepage and the models descriped.

I try to work as much as possible on the homepage, so please come visit my site again soon, I have a lot of material to put on the page, so hopefully you will find new stuff almost everyday.

One of my models has recently been elected as the highest LEGO crane, see more here.

Do you have any questions about my models, you are pleased to send an email to me, or write my guestbook.

If you have any comments to my homepage, you are of course welcome to contact me.

Are you interested in building scale-models too, LEGO or other materials, you are pleased to contact me, and we could exchange idees, materials and images.

If you would like to make a link to my homepage you are very welcome, but please inform me, since I could be interested in linking to your homepage too, you could use my banner .

Welcome on my homepage, have a good time, I will hope to see you here again soon.

Anders Gaasedal

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